Morning by Dennis Gulling



I wake up tired
Like always
Head pulses and burns behind
The eyes
I can hear my wife frying
Bacon in the kitchen and
Yelling at the kids to turn
The tv down before they wake
Up Daddy

I get out of bed to
Take a piss
Standing there waiting for
The gush I remember
Last night and the guy
I knifed behind Bob’s Tap
I get dressed
Go into the garage
And open the drunk
His eyes look even wider than
They did last night when
I jammed the blade into his
Gut and pulled up on
The handle with all my might
(The fucker wouldn’t give me a match)
After breakfast I’ll take
Him out to the road by the fairgrounds
And leave him in the ditch

Then I’ll do what I
Always do after something like this:
Take the wife out for a movie and drinks
Buy the kids another
Atari cartridge
Then watch everywhere for
A car with 2 detectives

Poem taken from Raw Bone No. 2 edited by Tom House, February 1984

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