The Care & Feeding of Junkies by Tony Scibella

Tony Scibella | Photo by Sarge

the care & feeding of junkies

& now shes gotta job
& we duel across the years
but in my skin i hang so tightly
howcum pants clutched around
the throat

in the beginning i didnt know
what you were supposed to do w/girls
like: make a whole in the face fence
to get the boat thru
keeping yr allotment up
taking the 5th in nome
surprising when they get that close to u
& u dont know it

yr whole ice structure slidin down
the inscription inside of the door
what duz it say
dont go it alone

queen of krump:
i want to do it to her
i think its important
but i dont know why

& we are specialists.
we separate the back
from the frunt

what man dont want it all
what man dont want gimme it baby
rub it all over me
step down into vision

u will have it figured
it will be exact

Black Ace | for Tony ScibellaPoem taken from Black Ace, edited by Marsha Getzler, S.A. Griffin and John Macker.

Book was printed by Ray Hoffman, Majestic Litho, Denver, CO, 500 copies.

Book version (incl. shipment cost world-wide)

$ 99.00

Tony Scibella

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