The Parakeet Gets Out by T.L. Kryss


The Parakeet Gets Out

The parakeet, with a little flip,
escapes from its cage in the five and ten
goes forth and multiplies in the reflections of
aluminum frying pans, and accelerating into
hyper space , loses itself in the dimmed overhead
lightning, where throughout the night
it spurts like a rusty pulley wenching up
the sweetness of heavy water. The steel
braille on the cylinder of a music box,
worn away and chipped, still spitting songs.

Strange Attractors | click the image to enlargePoem taken from the chap book Strange Attractors. First edition July 1993. 200 issues. Co-producer: Mark Stueve of Old Erie Street Bookstore Cleveland, Ohio. Front cover art by Harland Ristau. Lettering by Big Web. Back cover art by Dan Nielsen. Text artwork by t.l. & Carolyn Kryss & Hilary Krzywkowsk. Co-edited by Mark Weber & Mark Stueve. Photo of t.l.kryss by mark weber 18may89. (c)1993 by Zerx Press & t.l. kryss, 5016 Inspiration Dr, SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108

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