Dear contributors to and readers of Outlaw Poetry

Outlaw Poetry Editor / (c) Photo by Sir Thierry Giraud
Outlaw Poetry Editor / (c) Photo by Sir Thierry Giraud

Dear contributors to and readers of Outlaw Poetry

I’ve maintained the Outlaw Poetry web page for the past 9 years at no cost to contributors and without resorting to advertisements, in order to keep the site free from such clutter as the latest in vacuum cleaners, tooth paste for the toothless, cars with an extra air bag for your dog, and magic pills to turn the world rosy. I’ve footed the bill myself.

I receive a lot of compliments and praise for my work, but the expense of maintaining such a site (over 2,235 postings, 370 writers, 3,500 audio and video files and images, and more than 4,200,000 visitors since 2007) is taxing my resources, and now I’m asking for a little help beyond encouragement.

If Outlaw Poetry is important to you and you’d like to see it continue, think about chipping in a little something to keep things rolling. I’ve added a “donate” button on the upper right side of the web page; click it whenever the mood strikes and donate any amount you’re comfortable with and that fits your budget! Click it as often as you want, there are no restrictions!

Many thanks for your help and understanding!

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  1. I really appreciate your kind endeavour to tirelessly worked hard to keep the world of poets under one roof. It is indeed a remarkable gesture. We are indeed greatful and ever willing to help you dear.


    My father, an Irishman, would often say, “A pat on the back won’t pay my bills.”

    Ask and you shall receive. Both…

    Grateful for all you do.


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