Dream Poem by A.D. Winans



I see you in my dreams
you are wearing a silk scarf
your smile hovers over me like
a hummingbird
you are standing at a public square in Mexico
the women are selling pottery
the men drinking wine
you lovingly tend a flower garden
rearrange them with tender hands
a cat crosses the road
purrs against your slender legs
you an early century Madonna
with no need for church or man

you sit cross-legged like Buddha
fill me with words that twist in my mind
like helicopter blades
your words soft as a feather pillow
blend with mine like buttered toast
explode like shrapnel inside my head

nightmares dark as eyebrows
do battle with the ghost eaters of night
sweet fragrance of lilacs draw me in
sweet as a virgins innocence

I seek refuge in the midnight supper of stars
walk back into my mother’s womb
no longer stumbling like a blind man in the dark
limbs singing like crickets in the night
rubbing their hind legs in applause

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