Love Letters From an Old Friend by Mary Bone


Love Letters From an Old Friend

There’s not going to be any mail today.
Why? Because it’s a holiday.
No love letter from far away.
My friend used to live up the corner
and around the bend.
I have memories of when we walked
hand in hand, planning
our future in a distant land.
The memories fade into the background
for another day.
Time and distance had the final say.

Mary-BoneMary Bone about Mary Bone
I have been writing since the age of twelve and have had two books of poetry published. My poems have appeared in journals, magazines, newspapers and online blogs. The most recent poetry acceptances are posted at Poetry Pacific, Literary Yard, Afflatus Magazine and my poem, ”Other Warriors” will appear in the July/August issue of Oklahoma Today Magazine. I also like to draw and paint in my spare time.

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