I’ve often wondered by D.A. Pratt


I’ve often wondered …

how many nudes
are now “out there”
musing that it surely is
impossible to see them all …

Now I’ve read that
30,000,000,000 photos
were posted on Instagram
last year … 80,000,000
go up every day … the zeros
are important – it’s far too easy
to use words like millions and billions
not to mention trillions
and then quadrillions …

So much for my musings
about the number of nudes …

daveD.A. (David) Pratt considers himself an outsider within the society he has lived throughout his existence. He maintained an under-the-table interest in reading and writing while working for far too long for the Government of Saskatchewan in the field of taxation policy. After leaving that world, some of his poetry has begun to appear both in print and online.

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  1. Hello David– good poem. There can never been too many nudes or nude photos. More nudes, less bullets and bombs, is my motto!

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