I am slowly by D.A. Pratt


I am slowly …

that I have not yet recovered
from “being here” during the ten years
of evil in the Canadian context …
yes, I know this sounds strange
but during those ten years someone
came to be the personification of evil
in the Canadian context … and I feel
that I knew this sooner than most …

I know that so many others in the world
have experienced so much worse
when it comes to what evil inflicts –
I’m not trying to make extraordinary claims …
that’s not the point … the point is that
I have not yet recovered … and
I’m not sure that I ever will …

daveD.A. (David) Pratt considers himself an outsider within the society he has lived throughout his existence. He maintained an under-the-table interest in reading and writing while working for far too long for the Government of Saskatchewan in the field of taxation policy. After leaving that world, some of his poetry has begun to appear both in print and online.

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