Only The Pure by Bruce Michael Foley


Only The Pure

Sheathing all words for the better
my guide is not politician but sightless poet.

These eyes are stoked with angry fire
borrowed from among those forgotten,
living huddled in circles of promises broken
that rise within the smoke of today’s new lie.

My tongue removed, cut as
food for dogs, no use does it serve
when only the pure will listen, their numbers
being far from legion.

No great loss is mine
for it has always been so.

Indeed, greater folly it is to
believe in them, as if only in words
would we find the work of kings, not so
when greed becomes a fixed cornerstone, set to building
the highest walls of consumerism, while denying
entrance to worthy men and women.

Those who have tried but failed
by corporate design, trapped stagnant
they are, destined to never win, yet
the wind succeeds,
speaking a truth only heard from within.

Here, it is ours to wait
as all prophets have done so before us.

A messenger comes, not from regal throne
but on the wind, unseen, breaking through dawn’s golden light
our one true word arrives;
through the open window of a quiet blind man, a poet.
For his humility is strength, surpassing scholars
and princes, it was he who always knew how best
to sit, to love and listen.

To him, the highest gifts
of council and knowledge
will be given.

indexI was born across the bridge from Boston, Massachusetts, in Cambridge, as July 4th fireworks exploded over the Charles River, just a stone’s throw from Harvard University. At age two, my family moved to Somerville, Ma.,where I was raised in a rough blue-collar environment, playing many sports. In 1998 I relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada. Here, I work among special needs children and teach martial arts. Poetry began in high school, but took off in a more dedicated way in later years, along with resuming music studies, guitar. My poems are published in various anthologies; including Impressions, Prism, and the Mighty Voices Of Thunder Series, sponsored by the international poetry website, “Allpoetry.” I was a featured poet in Lyrical Somerville February 2015, a Boston based publication, as well as being an “Editor’s Front Page Pick,” for the month of March 2016 on Allpoetry. A defining moment that contributed significantly to further interest in writing was a First Place Award from the International Poetry Fellowship, for my poem, “Among Fields of Cotton.” Presently, I am happy to have the opportunity to explore various forms of poetry with Mr. Bruce Isaacson, Poet Laureate of Clark County Nevada.

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