The Rich Talk by Rich Quatrone



25 years, a quarter century, not ten years. and you are so very right, bob. i have been extremely blessed, my god. and i’ve never not known it, even when i complain about the very rich in this town. but it’s more than this town i’ve been blessed by. belmar, manasquan, avon, bradley, all these towns bordering the great atlantic. but yes spring lake the most, the most beautiful town. when mary and i first stumbled upon it in 1986 we were struck by the trees, how was it that so many luscious and variety of trees could thrive in sandy soil right beside the ocean? but they did and do. this town is gorgeous, period. trees, homes, lakes, ocean, wide empty streets, all of this. and my little home hidden and nestled for so many years amid trees and flowers and summer breezes, the roar of the ocean in storms, all of this. my boys were blessed to have lived here, john nine years fully, eric all the summers, every summer, all his life, here. and manasquan high school, a lovely architectual, colonial beauty. nicholson’s alma mater, it certainly helped him to settle the demons inside, which he learned to channel into brilliant acting art. and the women i’ve loved here, my god. thuy-duong at the pinnacle. those five years with her were the summit of my life, such physical and spiritual beauty we knew. i wrote a novel about it and an off broadway producer and mason gross mentor send me auden’s “atlantis” upon reading it. to have glimpsed paradise, if not to have been able to remain. but i have remained, haven’t i, brother, i have most certainly remained.

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