Wilson Creek by Lark



I wanna float away on your breeze
And I think I will
Galax, catawba, mountain laurel, poison ivy
Yellow tail…ohhh sushi
No yellow buck! Long branch?
Keep your eyes on the prize
Must’ve done a couple good things in a past life
Especially to find that unopened booty
An after dinner treat
“Better than your mom’s” says moni
Smoke and embers
Screaming laughter
A skull in the trees..
I know you can see it
Possible orb sighting..
Even the david lynch bugs
Make me smile now
Rock me to sleep Hennesy
At daybreak I peek out
On the edge of a cliff
Rocks and river rushing below
The back of my head still aches
From that rock we propped on
I touch it and remember
the sky and stars and trees
laughing so hard, writhing around
Gasping to breathe
After six litres
Unsteady rock hop out
And a climb almost as bad as pinch in

unnamedWriting poems since I can remember; living peacefully in Asheville, NC.

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