Ye Old French Broad by Lark



Ye old french broad
A snicker here
A giggle there
I laughed.
I secretly wondered
French BROAD?
If i only knew then..
Now i do
She was intimidating at first sight
We’re pretty close now tho
She’s my bitch
(Not really)
She could eat me
Swallow me whole
She’s gentle
(If you’re nice)
She carries us along
At a swift or slow pace
We use her for fun
How fitting
She’s seen more
Than any of us could even imagine
The life she harbors
Under her surface
The ultimate nurturer, mother
The hobos and wanderers
Who have taken refuge
At her banks where so many trains
So many
Have passed
Blown their whistle
Gave a nod
To the lady. The mistress
The french broad
We thank you.

unnamedWriting poems since I can remember; living peacefully in Asheville, NC.

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