You by Lark



You pretty much saved my life
Swooped in
Snatched me up in your arms
Too young to know what I’d seen
Where I’d been
Like a stray dog
The dregs
But you didn’t care
You were naive and an old soul back then
That black claddagh flew off my finger
Down an elevator shaft
A sign?
My heart hurts everywhere that it shouldn’t
Remember when you snuck that kiss?
It was the last
The room went dark but I still felt your pulse
You were a bird
You flapped and fluttered
And I decided to let you go..I decided!
And you did
Just like that you flew
And the haze
It overcame the light
It was too much..
it blocked you out

unnamedWriting poems since I can remember; living peacefully in Asheville, NC.

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