Atmosphere Redux by Marcos Oro

Atmosphere Redux

Ventriloquist echo chamber sonically socially
modified with spiky engineered finesse, millennial
golden scream rain gong spilt coin cascade in casual
eclipse darkening overdrop obsidian onyx; dark day’s rain of

november or october fog, tree leaves’ colors pantomime
shot of prism refraction hit, in all the right colors.
burnt.paint.brain-shot hits culminate explosively.
soundwaves are empirical. purpose unquelled, fiery
smile of big disorganization and warm-glow sharp
scent of burning paper. Black ashes swim upwardly in

bubble of moist gauzy atmosphere, ambient stripped
minimalist soundtrack, long gone explosive
sparklers emote, momentarily; red ambient records,
bring a woman dusky dewy flowers emotional cusps
of moons, heady musk swirls poured sky mirror of

dissipating green pathway rough foraging in rain, glare
humming windshield rain touches cloud edges
echo sonic sod, analog & sad record scratches
speak ruminated ruthless nostalgia…

purple velvet curtains swim open
revealing white light ambience of petri dish
GMO audience transmutes, time-shift
simultaneously phased in, generating expected
quantum glitch: making voice color, or
more super-genetically complex iterations.

holographic underground comix wallpaper,
in one invisible planet, round window looks
ninety-nine floors down tv documentary flashes
black and white, shadows on the copper ceiling,
vibrant imagery pulls forward into elasticized
wake-from (“the sparkling hazes of sleep”)
distinct complacencies of sawdust-consciousness
and sudden sound of shivering rain —

the edgy blank rabbit hole upgrades to
souped up video jerky blank retrograde
black hole

bottom of stainless pot : bluish rice-pattern patinas,
history post neo-vintage toe touching a sidewalk
thorn; summer disturbance upstairs window; quickening
yelling voices go suddenly rapid bitter and hard:
(((…¡No, No y No, porque tu no sabes nada!…)))

A vase broken on the wall upstairs splatters
crashing iced water, red and yellow petals
embrace breath and psychotic horror of
snickering channel switch kill —

I get so sad /guitar&drums/ sometimes it’s so bad
but not if knowing nothing
is the undoing of nano matrix infrastructure
glosseme & pure thought on generation of
slanting ray —

public disturbance cut-away in violet & wet
alleyway sketchy af, monolithic arc iteration
replete with beach bum jargon jingles gregorian,
& parallel dimensions we cannot see inside them —

winter memory miles burn sun white thick green
conifers, sprayed with icicles
southern white citrus rose tree ~ magnolia. thick humid concrete coffee fog stirs low to the earth dissipating
gothic deep-south day-glo dusk victim of oblivion tv hit.
spin fogsmoke haze meme loop

at first pick up sloppy outer-eye
naysayers grind psy-op algorithm
sector of imploding ephemera confetti
on youtube six minutes (“…aww naw-naw
gohead spill it…keeptalkin’man…”)
external existential micro-aggressive
reconnaissance strobe-blue,
slow motion jump-cut passengers —

soft photosynthesis, pearl dew web
spreads for miles to touch cloud edges
transcending to venus moons &,
well…saturn rings have always called my
attention to planetary swirls of sky
foraging light conveyed through thick
fields of black matter and quantum mirror
dissipating on cusps of pure light

awash in glare slashing burnt bright light:

Infinity embellishes winter sky,
heady musk of moonlit honeysuckle,
planets behind blue earth blue
sudden sound of swelling, rushing
rain in the center of an overly large humming
universe unlocking, roused I surmised
magnetic floes heaving train reversal
vacuums phasing in, and splitting
into dual disambiguation —

Office time-stamp, clock punch,
dangles cracked teeth radio signals with real problems.
But you have to remember I paid good money for
the meta-assemblage of blue-sapphire surveillance, the
horizon channel buzzing. Spewing
Reality 1 and Reality 2, where at the
bus stop I left myself in the other room

in the difficulty of artists chatting
about themselves in eclectic sentient
circles looping ciphers —

musty organic aroma of biota
of a cavernous art machine
of the flora teeming, empty and blank
canvases are glittering by now

Violating the forward arrow of
time by demanding timelessness
Words press sounds together into

Black dust cloud settles onto
marring mosses green and grey

I am far away, elegant and calligraphic,
situated in palatial paragon
of universal zip code algorithm
in the bitter snowy cold glitter.

I can fashion shadows in front of me;
known thoughtful breath is eased,
in unheard of touched held thought.

As a child, my clothes clung heavily to me
running in from the rain in the glare
of presence-heavy planets now radiating
through the murky modern clouds

Distinct sawdust, water, perfume.
A frog jumping out of the bread.
Arctic white sun turned to black undertow
an invisible rough embrace pulls my legs
out towards a vast ocean shriek

I yanked my feet again onto wet sand
the frothing waves flow back to hot magnetic sun

those that dive under ice must also come back
to the self-same opening after a shoulder may thump
against a sudden horror of blue ice and no hole

To crash up through the found
horizontal wanted place; sinews breathe
wild oxygen and atmosphere redux.

Marcos Oro, New Jersey Poet and Artist
Marcos Oro, New Jersey Poet and Artist

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    • Thanks Vincent. Yes, admittedly, heavily influenced by William S. Burroughs. And many others, such as Frost and Stevens. Love the process of discovery of “the cut-up method”, and the new dimension of freedom it allows. And once “non-linear” writing works for you; it is very difficult, and constricting to “go completely back”.

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