Commando by Marc Carver


As I sat in the pub by myself
the biggish young woman came back in
and sat on the high chair.

I began to look and see that her legs were open
and were pointing in my direction.
She must have been ten yards away
but I could swear she had no pants on.

I didn’t even know my eyesight was that good.
So I started to focus in on her ‘wokey’ hole
just to make sure.

After about five minutes of me staring between her legs
she must have noticed or one of her friends did
because when I looked back she had her hand
firmly in-between her legs pushing her skirt down.

Time to leave Marky.

Marc Carver about Marc Carver. I have published some ten collections of poetry, performed around the world, taught workshops and had over two thousand poems published on the web but the only thing that gives me real pleasure is being able to write in the way in which I want to and getting an email from someone I don’t know telling me they like what I am doing.

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