Not yet three months by D.A. Pratt

Not yet three months …

into one reign of incompetence
but soon the twentieth of April
will be here and we’ll all be
at the one-sixteenth mark
of the current presidential term …
I still believe the forty-fifth president
will not be the President
of the United States of America
at the end the “four years”
assigned to the current term –
he is overtly an embarrassment
to western civilization in general
(this explains why I’m writing this)
and I believe that this truth
will eventually overwhelm
even the miniature minds
around him in Washington …
but we are living at a time
when political incompetence
seems to be tolerated
much more than it ought to be
(where I live perversely presents
an aberrant example) …
so who’s to know?
The curse ought to be revised
and maybe it soon will be:
“May you live in incompetent times!”

daveD.A. (David) Pratt considers himself an outsider within the society he has lived throughout his existence. He maintained an under-the-table interest in reading and writing while working for far too long for the Government of Saskatchewan in the field of taxation policy. After leaving that world, some of his poetry has begun to appear both in print and online.

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