Disco Tent by Ziggy Dicks

Disco Tent

Now is the winter of our disco tent
Our smoking havens
To escape late rent
To laugh and bray
To come what may
Stay up late and make a world pay

Now is our winter of our disco tent
Our rent is due
Our wages spent
So we will stand in the cold
Smoking cheap fags
Ignoring our pain
Our waterproof boots deflecting the rain

Now is the winter of our disco tent
Where we will cry in the dark
At our hopes
And our wages
Poorly spent

Zack (Ziggy) Dicks has been writing poetry for over 20 years but It was only as an adult that his work truly developed. In his twenties he would write a poem a day, this continued for several years, and he is still a prolific writer to this day. He saw creative writing as an outlet that was easily accessible as it only needed a pen and paper. He found it could be used to entertain those around him and this has led Zack to have some interesting adventures. Zack has lived in Gloucester all his life but credits his travels beyond as a point that encouraged maturity which dramatically altered his poetry as a result. Zack first started performing in public officially in 2016 but has subsequently gone on to establish extensive links internationally. He founded the Gloucester Poetry Society and the Gloucester Poetry Festival soon after and hasn’t stopped since. He states his main influences are Ted Hughes, H P Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe but, also, said in truth there are too many poets to mention. He states his vision for the Gloucester Poetry Society and the Gloucester Festival is to share creative writing, poetry and spoken word art with the world or as he says in his own words “Poetry is for everyone as life is poetry.”

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  1. Playful creation … I can imagine how this one took shape (but I would be wrong I’m sure … not to worry) … I enjoy reading this one (that’s in the present tense) … cheers!

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