In This Universe, Where You Think I’m Disposable by Haley Mitchell

In This Universe, Where You Think I’m Disposable

Silly, stupid boy; at 31 years old/ Do you think these pretty little girls will chase you forever?/ You are not such a hot commodity/ I will make it my goal to godsmack you with this/ I will make you fall in love with me/ You will get so used to having me at your disposal/ That when I disappear, you will forget who you are without me/ I will answer every text promptly, keep conversation going/ I will compliment your successes and help you grow from your failures/ Every time you come home I’ll be available and ready at your disposal/ You’ll send me music and I’ll listen to it/ We’ll have faraway dates that consist of ethnic cuisine and Face Time/ I’ll listen to every self-involved story like its full of cliff hangers and curveballs/ When you ask me how I’m doing, I’ll lie to you/ I’ll build you up so fucking high that you’ll feel like a king, and it will isolate you/ I’ll confuse your constancy with love often/ It will break my heart even more often/ Eventually I will become a fixture in your temple/ And when I rip myself out of your wall there will be an ugly hole left/ That no one will patch for you./ And when you do get it patched the finish on the paint will not match up the way it used to/ And it will serve as a constant reminder/ That you took my consistency for granted/ All the while I’ll be fulfilling everything you thought I couldn’t/ I’ll somehow become more beautiful/ More successful/ Wildly less attainable/ And you’ll want me back/ And I will be everywhere/ Yet so inaccessible to you.

Haley Mitchell, Is a 23-year-old woman from rural South Dakota. A tattoo and vinyl curator, body modifier, bookworm, outdoor enthusiast, and freelance artist. Things she loves: smashing the patriarchy, damning the man, coffee, music, engaging conversation, ethnic food, and animals. Haley studied Psychology and Sociology in college but has been creatively writing since grade school. She is currently working on her first chapbook. Much more about Haley Mitchell and her art work can be found via her Instagram account.

4 Replies to “In This Universe, Where You Think I’m Disposable by Haley Mitchell”

    • Sofia! Thank you so much! I was really self conscious about making this public so I appreciate your words of encouragement.

    • Hey, Vincent! You’re totally right, this is a really mean-spirited slam. But in all fairness, we must remember where truth and fabrication play into our writing. This certainly wasn’t written with only one person in mind. Is this harsh? Yes. But are the feelings real? Absolutely. And I think that’s what is most important.

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