Is It? by Eoghan Lyng

Is It?

Is it worth the tears of child
To watch his mother die
Choked and wet eyed
His bloodied hands
Amass her hair for the last time?

Is it worth the metal
Bepatteled the bodies
With gentle pushes
That sends them downwards
Silencing them?

Is it worth the screams
Of lost dreams
And lost kisses
Betake the children’s sleep
Of nicer days to wake?

Is it still the way
To kill and slay
To hear your voices
In a deafened world
From violence?

Eoghan LyngEoghan Lyng is an Irish man, who has written from Cork, Madrid and Prague. Currently residing in Glasgow, Lyng continues to refine his work. Aided with the ability to write in English and Gaeilge, examples of his work have been published in Vada Magazine, From The LightHouse, An Gael-IrisLeabhar Idirnaisiúnta and his eponymous wordpress account.

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