It’s no charity by Matthew Abuelo

It’s no charity

It’s no charity
the man who walks among the stars
smiles down on
all of us in our Potter’s Field futures
with a Janice face
with a Janice soul
then reaches to pull up our hoards
While kicking the ladder over.
Do I trust his grip
Or the smiling Stranger in the muck
at the bottom of the well
Waiting for us?
Always waiting.
And will he ever change his con?
He will continue to smile
From underneath, the lights
Of the great pin ball machine of Time Square
Knowing he was guilty
Before he was even born.

Matthew Abuelo is a writer, professional blogger and award winning poet. He has three books out, Last American Roar and Organic Hotels, His third book “The News Factory” released by Plain view Press, the first two can be found at He is a former journalist for the online news site Examiner and he most recently worked for the Times Square Chronicles as a housing rights journalist and political commentator.

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