My mother still cries by Michael Griffith

My mother still cries

My mother still cries
Cries still over my leaving and not growing up to be more like she’d hoped
Still over my sister’s free spirit never tamed despite lessons and lessons and lessons more
Cries after another sister far-gone in ways not planned by Mother-Mom
Still cries for a child born-still
Cries the cries that remind her she was the cause of all the leaving, hopes, spirit, lessons, far-gones, not-planneds and the still of her life.
My mother still cries for me.
My mother still cries to me.

Michael Griffith began writing poetry to help his mind and spirit become healthy as his body recovered from a life-changing injury. His works have recently appeared both online and in print in The Good Men Project, Ariel Chart, Stanzic Stylings, Degenerate Literature, NY Literary Magazine, and Wild Words. He teaches and resides near Princeton, NJ.

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