Name Calling in The Madhouse by Gwil James Thomas

Name Calling in The Madhouse

How long
has he been smashing
himself against these walls?
Trying to work out how he got in?
How it got this far?

I watch him twirl through the air –
in the midst of another crazy dance.

I’ll leave the window open,
but he takes no notice.

He disappears only to reappear.

That poor fly,
he must be going insane –
as the seasons change outside
the months turn to years.

Buzz, buzz,

To be honest,
I’d be really worried,
if I hadn’t had
that deep and meaningful
with him,
the other night over some
beers and pizza.

Gwil James Thomas lives in the historically infamous city of Bristol, England. His debut poetry collection Gwil Vs Machine is available from paperandink. His prose was recently featured in the Hand Job Zine anthology. He was also once a member of the short lived Spanish/British band Irreparables. He is currently trimming the fat on his second novel and putting together his second short story collection.

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