One evening in December … by D.A. Pratt

One evening in December …

as I was listening
to Tove Lo’s “Lady Wood”
over and over and over again
I realized that enjoying her songs
definitely distinguishes me …
definitively … defiantly …
from absolutely everyone else
in “my demographic”
in the conventional community
in which I continue to continue –
the thought of being separated
from “those people” …
so completely … so clearly …
suddenly created in me
a fantastic feeling of genuine joy!
The thrill of coming to this conclusion
made Tove Lo’s music
filling my living room
marvellously magical –
clearly she’s a cool girl …
“Fuck! Ah I need another.”

daveD.A. (David) Pratt considers himself an outsider within the society he has lived throughout his existence. He maintained an under-the-table interest in reading and writing while working for far too long for the Government of Saskatchewan in the field of taxation policy. After leaving that world, some of his poetry has begun to appear both in print and online.

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