Three poems by Anggo Genorga



Them hippies and blues purists,
did they know that when they were
riding on that trip claiming
Clapton is God,

The Devil was just right behind him
all along —


taunting him

fucking with him

banging the fuck away on
the fuckin’ drums.


gimme a chick, c’mon, check the streets crash those bars & nightclubs & find me a chick
gimme a chick, a chick that can swing for a dollar, c’mon
gimme a chick who can talk all night & still go down like a rabid dog, shit that would great
gimme a chick that looks like yer kindergarten teacher w/a nice ass and big tits
gimme a chick, yep, someone that looks like Honey yessir yessir
gimme a chick, now, gimme five, all of ’em at once on him
gimme a chick who can score dope for him
gimme a chick who knows a lot about politics & hear ’em talk about dead Kennedy
gimme a chick a black chick w/a hung-up can add some shit on “How To Spot Colored Friends”, c’mon
gimme a chick who’s into jazz & can blow the horn nude on stage
gimme a chick who can do that while Lenny raps & roars about his fuckin’ court case, c’mon
gimme a chick who’s a jew, an uptight jew that will recite poetry about the Holocaust
gimme a chick who idolized Hitler
gimme a chick who can take a lead up her ass
gimme a chick who can rally the petition not to ban Lenny from the clubs, yeah
gimme a chick who doesn’t talk dirty for a change
gimme a chick who’ll sing “All Alone” during orgasm
gimme a chick who can type Lenny’s skits while Lenny performs cunnilingus on her
gimme a chick who’s mute & can tell dirty fuckin’ jokes in sign fuckin’ language
gimme a chick that can fuck a gorilla
gimme a chick on a fuckin’ gorilla suit ready to fuck a gorilla
gimme a chick wearin’ an electric chair necklace
gimme a chick who can play percussion for Lenny
gimme a chick who can fake a laugh in three hours to prove to Lenny that he’s wrong
gimme a chick who’s into old guys
gimme a chick w/ connections in show business
gimme a chick who doesn’t smoke grass
gimme a chick who eats sleeping pills like crazy
gimme a chick not a fag who takes all the beauty there is from a chick
gimme a chick who badly needs attention
gimme a chick who rather stay awake than sleep on this almost dead night


The poetry that gets to be published
first introduces you. What follows are
nothing short of empty handshakes.

Visions are worth seeing where it
may lead us. Sometimes, it also means
fucking other people up. That being said,

I want you to know I still wish there
is a joint chapbook of our poetry
published out there somewhere.

Anggo Genorga
Anggo Genorga

I was born and raised in the Philippines and currently moonlights as a manager of a band called Wonder Woman’s Electric Bra. My recent writings can and will be featured on Indigent Press, Stroke Art Zine, Red Flag Poetry, Paper And Ink Zine, In Between Hangovers, Napalm And Novocain, Dead Snakes, The Odd Magazine, Midnight Lane Boutique and Guide To Kulchur. Also in Boston Poetry Magazine, Empty Mirror, Mad Swirl and Silver Birch Press’ Bukowski : An Anthology of Poetry & Prose about Charles Bukowski and the book for benefit Verses Typhoon Yolanda : A Storm Of Filipino Poets by Meritage Press. You can read more at

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