What’s to be written? by D.A. Pratt

What’s to be written?

There is a lot of ugliness
in the world … and making
the clichéd comments
after each and every example
simply misses this truth –
part of this truth is that
we’re not doing anything
about what adds daily
to the ugliness …

Individually we are overwhelmed
by the enormity of the problem
whatever our place is in the problem …
some rants might be more realistic
than some other pontifications
but they’re still just momentary outcries
after the latest incident of ugliness …
frankly there are too many of us … and
we don’t share successfully … and we
who are given a ballot rarely vote wisely …
we are not open-minded often enough …
we continue to exploit everything
when we know we need to do
the whole damn thing differently …
we allow differences to dictate dangerously …
we listen to nonsense … to a lot of nonsense …
I could go on and on and on –
but I’m going to stop:
what’s to be written?

daveD.A. (David) Pratt “continues to continue” in a comfortably conventional community in Canada … he is genuinely concerned about the burgeoning stupidity that seems to be virtually everywhere …

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