Money by S. Rubein Geterminah


Your absence makes me a thrall
Accepting insults and calls
On this melancholic journey.

Your presence makes me a king
With subjects fearing my ring
Rendering services for tastes of my honey.

The love of you makes me blind
Questing behind enemies’ lines
As a skinny bonney.

What if you were vague
And the services & wants you give;
Could I be funny?

I am S. Rubein Geterminah from Monrovia; Liberia. I was born February 5, 1984. I started reading literature in high school and wrote my first poem in my Senior year. After graduation, I devoted myself in lengthy readings and writings in literature. I’m currently doing my undergraduate studies in Secondary Education with emphasis in English and minoring in Public Administration at one university in Monrovia, Liberia. I have written nine books (Manuel scripts of poetry) with several fables, short- stories, novels; etc.

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