A Quarter Rat’s Dream by James Dennis Casey IV

Robbie McClaran / Mardi Gras 1979 / New Orleans

A Quarter Rat’s Dream

Dirty streets
Sticky floors
A Quarter Rat’s Dream

Living in the underbelly
Of the Big Easy

Dark smoky bars
Good stiff drinks
Old whore bartenders


Story after story

Drunken memories

Some happy
Some sad

Good times

I come here to get away
And enjoy the flavor only
New Orleans’ nights can provide

A people watcher
Bystanders and party goers
Make for the best scenes

I sit

And laugh

Even at myself
I laugh

James D. Casey IV is a southern poet with roots in Louisiana & Mississippi that currently resides in Illinois with his Muse, their ​retarded​ dog, and two black cats. He has authored three books of poetry: Metaphorically Esoteric, Dark Days Inside the Light While Drunk on Wine, and Tin Foil Hats & Hadacol Coins. His work has also been published in print and online by several lit mags and small press venues including Triadæ Magazine, Pink Litter, In Between Hangovers, Indiana Voice Journal, Beatnik Cowboy, Dissident Voice, Scarlet Leaf Review, Horror Sleaze Trash, Zombie Logic Review, Tuck Magazine, Outlaw Poetry, and many others. Mr. Casey’s books and other projects can be found on his WordPress site by clicking here…

4 Replies to “A Quarter Rat’s Dream by James Dennis Casey IV”

  1. Excellent construction: good use of short lines combined with phrases and some slightly longer lines … wonderful image! DaP

  2. There is a reason I am truly a fan of your work when i wish I could kick back good drinks and shoot the shit with the writer behind the words your doing something .

    Your the fucking man James keep kicking ass brother loved the style of this truly a honor to call you a friend .

    Cheers .

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