Age of the Sargasso tiger by James Walton

Age of the Sargasso tiger

I thought love was younger
yet it prowls through years
the swish not care or annoyance

a purring of sarcenet decades
in gentle stumble of loose wrack

the predator’s teeth at your throat
incisors anything and everything
the warm blood ungated

stripes on a wisdom tooth
all in cursive hand

drop the petals of spongy knap
the wind is growling
a whirligig of castanets

James Walton
is an Australian poet published in newspapers, and many journals, and anthologies. Short listed twice for the ACU National Literature Prize, a double prize winner in the MPU International Poetry Prize, Specially Commended in The Welsh Poetry Competition – his collection ‘The Leviathan’s Apprentice’ was published in 2015.

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