Fuck You and The Horse You Rode in On by Gwil James Thomas

Fuck You and The Horse You Rode in On

When you told me that you were posh
I thought you were being ironic,
but I really couldn’t care anyway.
Nor does anyone care for your opinion
when you butt into conversations,
or your passive aggressive comments.
But here’s some advice for
your storytelling –
have a point with your stories,
or at least give them some feeling.

Maybe it was just attention
that you’ve been after,
so here it is and let me spell it out
for you –
I couldn’t care less if you were shot off
the edge of a sixty storey building
and fell
before you landed on a canopy,
were catapulted
into a contaminated
hot tub of Peruvian piranhas
and if I visited you in hospital,
it’d only be to unplug
your life support
so that I could charge
up my phone.

fuck you
and the horse
you rode
in on.

Gwil James Thomas is a spoken word poet, novelist and inept musician originally from Bristol, England. His written work can be found widely in print and also online in places such as 3AM, Empty Mirror and here. His first poetry collection Gwil Vs. Machine was published by Paper & Ink in 2016. His latest poetry collection – Hidden Icons & Secret Menus is a largely food themed collection of previously unpublished poems that will tantalise your pallet, make you heave and leave you hungry for more. It will be published soon via Analog Submission Press to a very limited run, so collector and critic alike – take note. He was also recently selected for contribution in John D Robinson’s sixth Poetry Postcard Series. Gwil currently lives in Northern Spain where he bangs out the odd poem, edits his second novel, drinks cheap beer, eats calamari, does odd jobs and is going to worry about the consequences later. He is part English, part Welsh and part Wolf.

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