Sentenced & 3 other new poems by Ian Lewis Copestick


I’ve been sentenced in my absence, so it seems
To life without parole in this prison of poverty
Through no fault of my own, as far as I know
It just depends on how the dice are thrown
There’s no hope of me ever being released
Well,. no legitimate way that I can see at least
I am doing hard time, I’m doing it everyday
This life is mine, I don’t know how I can change
You can see the hard times carved into my face
Every bad day leaves another line, another trace
They say bad diet can really do you in
The word ‘value’ is printed on every tin
That my crappy food slops from
I don’t think it’s even heard of nutrition
Cheap drugs, cheap drink, cheap fags and cheaper food
Before the game has even started, I was bound to lose
Yes I’ve been sentenced to a life of poverty
I wish I knew a way I could break free
Through no fault of my own I’m locked inside this cage
That’s why I fill this notebook, every page, full of rage
I’ve been sentenced in my absence so it seems
To life without parole in this prison of poverty

I Sit Sheepishly ( Green Eyes )

I sit sheepishly
My woman wants to
Kick me out
Well, she says she does
But, when I make a move
Towards the door, she screams
And involves me in another row
To stop me from leaving
I sit here trying to be quiet
Smoking cigarettes
Stroking the cat
The cat purrs, she has
Such beautiful, intelligent
Green eyes
She’s definitely the most
Intelligent being
House, tonight
I try to silently light
Another cigarette
I wish I had
Such natural
Intelligence and grace
And such
Beautiful intelligent

The Chemical Sea

I’m floating on a chemical sea
I think it’s going to be the death of me
One minute I’m up, the next I’m down
Won’t someone help me before I drown ?
Floating around, lost in a haze
The minutes become hours, the hours become days
No, I can’t eat and I can’t sleep
If I had emotions, I’m sure I’d weep
I’m lost, won’t someone help me find my way
I can’t leave here, but I can’t stay
I’m floating on a chemical sea
I’m sure it will be the death of me
In this dirty water, this polluted sea
I see the skies change over me
The sun sets then rises, rises then sets
I thrash about wildly, holding my breath
Treading water, my arms and legs feel like lead
My heart it hammers, my mind’s filled with dread
I’m flailing around in a chemical sea
Won’t somebody please help me ?

Yet Another Night

Yet another night involving drugs and drink
These nights can be harder than you might think
It’s not always laughter, it’s not all fun
This lifestyle could wear down anyone

You have to be strong, be able to endure
It’s not for everyone, of that I’m sure
I’ve seen many people try, I’ve seen many people die
It’s not a fashion statement, it’s a way of life

Don’t try to be Keef, you’re just missing the point
And it’s not for every kid that sparks up a joint
I have been living this life for nearly 30 years
At times it’s nearly killed me, but miraculously I’m still here

I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone
There have been times when it’s been far from fun
But it’s the only life I’ve ever known
From 16 to 46 it’s been my own

Ian Lewis Copestick is a writer from Stoke on Trent, England. He is 45 years old and unemployed, this means that life can be tough but at least gives him time to write.

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