Heraclitus The Obscure & Pecking Order by Leigh Jordan

Heraclitus - Painting by Abraham Janssens
Heraclitus – Painting by Abraham Janssens

Heraclitus The Obscure

there is no return
in the keening of the thrush
the peeling of bells


buds in promise blush
spiders cast a virgin moon
kisses fall from spring


shall i gentle breathe
unfold delicately, tease
whisper her to sun.

……said Heraclitus:

a man never steps twice
into the same flow of water
muddled in the sea.


through tides of dream
in storms through seasons tossed
Venus from the clam.

……while with the albatross I

dared eye to eye
across a washed seascape,
winds whiter than knives.

……eyes unforgiving

feather by feather.
saw not the pattern shifting
saw not the presage.


in petals crying
in the cold ringing of the bells
suffer the children.

……and the words

are not the words but muddled are the words
in the images of dawn in dusk and the greens
so many in the blade of an Iris cutting through
and so many images in the stone beneath
the same river the same man in flux
fluxing are the words are the words are the fadings
of the word the prosaic in the lesions of a word
in the abyss sublime upon the open wrist offered
in the tossing of the crumbled pages of the poems
at a new moon in the purple.

…….on a desk

shuffled pages stained
by tears seeping from dead songs,
rheumy old man eyes .

……at a broken typewriter sits Heraclitus and

there is no return
the key stabs at the ribbon
the heart is bared.

Pecking Order

the blade
by stark
crescent moon
says fuck you
to the night
cuts wedges
of horizon
into day
resections bits
of black
tosses them
into the void
where stars
unseen peck
and scratch
while the cockerel
crows fuck you
to the order
lays its head on
the block
and the blade
blessed by sun
draws its arc

Leigh JordanLeigh Jordan. I am a rusted on Marxist Romantic Jungist Surrealist . Have been writing poetry since early teens. Just retired so have returned to the core. With some poetry I like to unsettle. With some seduce. I live in a very small rural town in Tasmania, Aus., one pub, one shop and carrots ever on the side of the road.

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