My Abdication by Ian Lewis Copestick

My Abdication

I’m clean for the New Year
Which goes against the laws of man
Now’s the time it’s clear
To get as fucked up as you can

I’ve got money in my wallet
So that can’t be what’s wrong
Have I finally seen the folly
Of wine, women and song ?

No, that’s not the problem either
I haven’t suddenly got sick of fun
I just can’t seem to get mithered
About getting shit-faced drunk

Perhaps I’ve grown up at last
Or I’ve just gotten old
I always loved it, In the past
It was my religion, if truth be told

I still enjoy having a drink
And I still love Rock and Roll
I don’t want to be so pissed that I can’t think
And can’t remember so I have to be told

How I made myself look such a dick
Passing out by half past nine
In a puddle of piss and sick
Ruining both your night and mine

So, if this year I’ve calmed it down
And if you think that I’ve gone lame
There you go, you can have the crown
I think I’ve finished playing that game

Ian Lewis Copestick is a 46 year old writer from Stoke on Trent England. Although he has been writing poetry for about 17 years he has been submitting them for only 5 months, in this time he has published over 50 poems and one short story in over 10 different publications. He hopes to put a book out sooner rather than later.

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