Old Shadow Called Brand New & two new poems by James Dennis Casey IV

Old Shadow Called Brand New

at one constant volume
one constant pitch
you still won’t hear
the strange old shadow
called brand new
coming from behind

it wants to own you
consume you
at high altitude capacity
underneath the radiant
blood moon

walking on a tightrope
here it comes
look out
reaching for the sound
marching on the night
whispering in your ear
making sure

don’t give in
or do
it is up to you
but there is no
where it will
take you
either way
it goes
hand in hand
with this
old shadow
brand new

A Moment of Self Doubt

1000 years of Zen
The Neverending Story
That is my mind
Broken by The Nothing
After a moment of self
A wolf in wolves clothing
But I wipe my ass
With wolf pelts
For I am

Sacred Roses of Old

we have gathered here today
to practice our magick
upon an open page

the mountain of the mystics
a sacred offering place
calm and secluded

secrets are told here lilting
from chins of sorcerers
timeless above moons

waning and waxing retrovertigo
at the same time on a new
different planet here

love imitates crime or the other
way around it seems when
truth is ruin of man

solstice an ironic spell indeed
a conjured revision theory
from our Mother herself

let our words ring true up to the
Blackstar in the villa of
Ormen deep galaxies

dancing with the executioner many
angels have fallen from grace
let us fly from fate

spirits rise and step aside for the
new kings & their creations
sacred roses of old

James D. Casey IV is a southern poet with roots in Louisiana & Mississippi. He currently resides in Illinois with his Beautiful Muse, their retarded dog, and two black cats. Mr. Casey has authored four books of poetry, and his most recent title is Owls in Hot Rods with Pink Elephants and Dead Bats released August 2, 2018, through Cajun Mutt Press. His work has also been published extensively by literary magazines and small press venues including Outlaw Poetry, Beatnik Cowboy, The Rye Whiskey Review, Dope Fiend Daily, Under The Bleachers, Zombie Logic Review, Horror Sleaze Trash, Pink Litter, and several others. Mr. Casey mainly spends his days writing poetry, but also enjoys practicing magick(yes, magick not magic, there’s a difference), and cooking Cajun cuisine. Mr. Casey’s books and other projects can be found on his WordPress site by clicking here…

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