The prayer of the Holy Grave Digger by Mendes Biondo

The prayer of the Holy Grave Digger

these places are made for those who are tired
of being alive
here is where desires die with every will
here is where only anger and regret
lubricate the barrels of the rifles

is this your place son?
is this the end of your path?

you saw the rattlesnake on the road
and the sand closed your eyes
so you’re not able to go on

don’t take a rest here son
if you don’t want to die
push your tendons to the limit
and spurs the horse
made of iron or meat it’s not a problem
but go away

there’s a saloon at the end of the street
never drink a shot there
they serve lotus flower juice
and you’ll end your days asking where
your woman is
waiting for you to come back
they serve human salami
those cannibal beasts
don’t eat their shit if you want to taste again wine
or meat
of fish
or the kiss of your beloved

take your tomahawk with you
ready to be used
or a good gun charged
if you don’t want to die

but if the travel was so heavy
that all your bones are rotten
and worms are growing into your brain
take a sit
and cheers

I’ll be your messiah and your

Mendes Biondo is a storytelling enthusiast. He is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. During the day he is a journalist for the local newspaper but as the darkness comes, he turns himself into a poet and writer. Wine and good food lover, Mendes is able to start one thousand projects just for the desire of adventure they can give to him. He loves to define himself as a lazy bone boy or the spaghetti guy. Some of his poems were published by brave editors on different mags. Soon an even braver publisher will print a book with his verses on it.

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