This Constant Fight & Three other new poems by Ian Lewis Copestick

This Constant Fight

A day spent at the hospital
Accident and Emergency
So many people, so many poor
All blood, pain and agony

I hobbled around on a swollen leg
Worried it may be D.V.T.
People with bloody bandages on their heads
Obviously in a much worse state than me

So many people, it makes me think
How do we carry on through so much pain ?
Humanity at it’s weakest, the screams and the stink
Yet we rise each day to try again

I don’t know if this makes us cowardly or brave
This constant fight against the odds
Should I feel proud, or feel ashamed
Of the human race as on it plods

Death is all that awaits us in the end
No matter how we rage against the dying light
It comes to our enemies, it comes to our friends
It comes to us all. the endless night

It Feels So Good

It feels so good to just sit there
In the early afternoon, the sun
The clear, bright winter’s sun
Streaming in through the window
Outside the brown, red and golden
Leaves swirl in the breeze.
I sit there and pour
My first drink of the day.
The first one is always the best
I feel the warmth of the
Alcohol in my stomach.
Spreading a glow through my body
As I feel the weight of the world
Ease from my shoulders.
Then to light a cigarette, let
The smoke twist and turn in
The sunlight
And for that moment I haven’t
A care in the world.
I’m just saying
It feels so good

It Never Ceases

It never ceases to amaze me
How some women can just TALK
My wife has been with her sister all day
From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Yet here we are 3 hours later
And already she’s been on the phone
To her sister for over an hour
What the hell do they find to talk about ?
I really don’t know
I don’t want to sound like a sexist
Or come across like some tired cliche
But men just wouldn’t DO this
Be able to do this
After 10 minutes, no 5 at most
We’d run out of things to say
Even if it was a long lost brother
That you hadn’t seen
For 20 years
After 5 minutes, the conversation
Would become stilted
With lots of ums and
Men just can’t TALK
That much
But what do I know ?
And I don’t really care
It’s no big deal
It’s just something that
I have noticed
Then noted
In this book


Well, it’s midnight, time for another drug run
Adrenaline is flowing into my system
No one knows what will happen tonight
It could go tits up, let’s hope it’s alright
These people I’m meeting you don’t fuck them around
No, they’re not local
They’re from out of town
I’m risking my wellbeing, I’m risking my life
But the profits to be made, well you know they’re sky high
In an hour or two, what will be will be
I’ll either be celebrating, or in A & E
Yes, it’s midnight, time for another drug run
And adrenaline is rushing right through my system

Ian Lewis Copestick is a 46 year old writer from Stoke on Trent England. Although he has been writing poetry for about 17 years he has been submitting them for only 5 months, in this time he has published over 50 poems and one short story in over 10 different publications. He hopes to put a book out sooner rather than later.

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