Halves & Two other new poems by Heath Brougher


Celebrate monsters
with allmate pardon——-—
pardons (part-I-tion-ing)
the Geek and the
[E] Stonemen
wobble into a friendship!!:,

[———-DO NOT ADD TO POEM!———–]-
Itimerary———–(?) Prepackaged Food Discourse
Itinerary—––——(?) Prepancaked for This Course

he’s all cakeglad,
laying on timeline eating food  !!
                                  what he’d;;———
DOG and hamburg(h)er  !!
itchin’ for hamburger  !!]


Reverse Magnetics

Shed shredded flesh, . , . , ,
sing joy , . , . , . ,  
produce muck , . , . ,
internasal opiate REoccurrence
of occurrence =
a pithygrind of Spirit
right quick
sincere obliquy
must NOT
ever encapsulate
anything built by RE !!!!;



the axe aisle;;
edge of the Thule
 sneakerhead normalcy,,
vituperate viperbite;;
the (t)rain to Ovid’s empty island;;
rituals (clue)less
    [madeup]   ;;.

Heath Brougher is poetry editor of Into the Void, winner of the 2017 and 2018 Saboteur Award for Best Magazine. He is a multiple nominee for The Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Award and recently was named 2018 Poet of the Year by Taj Mahal Review. He is actually not nearly as big of a jerk as this bragging third-person bio makes him sound but he just won that Poet of the Year Award so he’s really been trying to get it into as many bios as possible lately. He wants to make clear that most people consider him to be a very nice and sincere person.

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  1. from “cakeglad” to “Ovid’s empty island” and a provocative, imaginative self-etymology of associations i thank you kindly for your words, Mr. Brougher.

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