Karma Man & Five other new poems by Karina Bush


Living my karma
Via you

I asked to be degenerate
And life brought
Your constant dissolution

I chose my
Innate ability to harm myself
Can learn every lesson but this selfish
Drive to have the spectrum
of intense

Like karma
My punishment memory
Is long
When your time comes
Don’t cry for sympathy
You picked first
You were fully grown
You entered our vow to
Execute sufficient misery


Our love is our baby
The baby we’ll never have
A hundred years ago
We’d have fourteen kids
You’d come home
Hands and feet black
To a room full of love

Our love was a fetus
Pink glowing angel mix of us
You put it inside me
To incubate
A digital lifeform
I could see through my skin

The birth was hard
It’s in our hands
Sometimes mine
Sometimes yours
Sometimes both
We have dreams for it
It cries


Take my hair
Like before
Take me into the woods
Drag me into the woods
I want to kiss you

Put me against that tree
Wet morning tree
Use your other hand now
I’m helpless
Hand in my dress
Captured by a bad man
Nobody for miles
I’m going to get molested
And leave my knickers there
For the perverts


Done until I limped
Into the sun
Every man looked at me
So curious
I think they could smell me
Smell what he did
How I liked it
They wanted a bit

There was light in everything
Inner light – clear
Not normally visible
Like what I saw in him
My Prince
Light in the trees
Leaning in
They could smell me too
Raw like them
Raw as nature is

Karina Bush
Karina Bush

Karina Busch is an Irish writer and visual poet, born in Belfast and now living in Rome. She is the author of three books, ‘BRAIN LACE’ (BareBackPress, 2018), ‘50 EURO’ (BareBackPress, 2017), and ‘MAIDEN’ (48th Street Press, 2016). She is currently finishing up a collection of short stories set in Belfast. For more visit her website karinabush.com and Instagram 

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