Riding Hood by Emmanuelle Rabu


What am I
In you
Dear Wolf?
Not your tail
Not your teeth
I want red
For my whites
Stripes on beasts
I need flesh
On my skin
A full bag
Of cries
I won’t queue
Wisely on line
As a matter of fuck
I’ll give love poetry
Take it or leave!

Emmanuelle Rabu
Emmanuelle Rabu

Emmanuelle RABU / Full time dreamer (poems, short novels, visual arts), I was born in TOURS (France) in 1965 and started to immerse myself into creative work two years ago. Some of my texts and paintings are published in French literary reviews (online and paper) such as Festival Permanent des Mots, Lichen, Méninges, Agneau Éditeur. Much more on Emmanuelle Rabu can be found via the Festival Permanent des Mots by clicking here… and a short summery of her work via Penestin here…

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