Riot Store Candy & Two other new poems by Michael D. Amitin

Riot Store Candy

French existentialism as valueable now
As a hot dog turd steaming on abandoned streets
We got Paris, people driven to their knees , driven batty
Animal real time, and who’s kissing, partying like its 1999

Folks brushing by you in a rush, a vape in one hand
The other a phone
Dial the morgue asshole

Vaccine jowls licking it’s chops
The big one

I’ll be using rejection letters as a backup supply
If I run out of tp
And when the shit really hits the fan
And people are sucking on riot store candy
As the copters fly the night
Pray all you want
Just hope the end is not in sight

Meat n’ Greet

Cold black get yo ass back to the plant
You too- speaking pig latin
Make no matter
get sick n die

Join the merry virus ride
If not, your sacked at the one
Roughing the grifter

Don’t expect handouts coming your way
That’s how it is in the good ol’ USA

We’ve made great greater

So there ya sit in your lonestar barn
.44 and a razor
Cut you rare

Show up at 7
We know you’ll be there

Watching the Pigeons Fuck

We were to meet in the square
Share a drink, two wayward poets
Words a pony ride to the stars

She a mover and shaker on the big top scene
We’d barely ordered our café’s
She hit the
‘Every stroke of bad luck I’ve ever had’

I hung in there cursing my yawns and groans
The story grew legs, tired bones, achy saddles
My eyes drifted

An ephiphany
I saw it
On a balcony across the rue
Bright as the blue day
Two pigeons fucking like
Humping train lanes, pigeon style
A mile a minute
Slipping her the big carrier..
And after awhile

I returned with a ventiloquist’s smile
Didn’t want to miss the bad news crescendo

On a deep blue sea without a raft
She continued the rattle
For minutes or years

She has so much to give the world
So much of me, she says, and then there’s me
And me too

The pigeons fornicated mightily
Beethoven’s 9th
The whole thing came to a roaring climax
Saved by the bill

Poet, storyteller and musician, Michael D. Amitin spent most of his life traveling the roads of the American West from California- east through the smoky burgs and train depot diners of Western Colorado, where he lived before moving to France. Inspired by Yeats, Corso and Ginsberg, Amitin’s poems have been published in California Quarterly, AbstractMagazineTV, Black Magnolias, Poetry Pacific, PoetryontheLake, Orta, Italy, Broken VHS, amongst others. A current collaboration with Parisian photographer Julie Peiffer has given rise to the “Riverlights” project, and a chapbook entitled ‘Riverlights.’

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