THIRST Worldwide 2020 Audio by Hosho McCreesh

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The PRE-SALE is officially upon us! Perhaps you’ve heard whispers, mutterings, clandestine mentions of a rough beast slouching toward your eardrums…well the reckoning is here. The physical editions of A DEEP & GORGEOUS THIRST – UNABRIDGED AUDIO are (for the next couple days) exclusively available to all you fine folks who’ve supported my work over the years! for pre-order.

What is it?
146 Drunk Poems
37 Gorgeous Voices
3.5 Thirsty Hours
3-CD Set
1 Insanely Good Time

It’s the magnum opus come to life, in voices and accents the world over. Friends and family who were actually there for some of these poems, and writers and friends spanning continents have all combined, recording drunk poems and making for an experience as singular as the book itself. There’s a STANDARD EDITION for those looking for the base model, and a SIGNED/LETTERED edition for those who collect or are just after the fun extras.

The GORGEOUS Vocal Talents, are:
justin.barrett, Juliette Beck, Claudia Bierschenk, Michael D. Blum, William Boyle, Ryan W. Bradley, Bastien Chiarini, Christopher Cunningham, Freddie De La Cruz, Chris Field, Abbie Foxton, Brody Lee, Nancy Pogue LaTurner, Tina LaTurner-McCreesh, Russ Litten, King Lutzo, Sean Lynch, Craig McCaskill, Janet McCaskill, Hosho McCreesh, Brian McGettrick, Scott Meier, Memes aka Mema aka The Proud Mother of Hosho, Joshua Mohr, Sasha Montaigne, Chris Oxley, Papa, Walevska Pérez-Herrera, Michael Phillips, Joseph Ridgwell, Sakèsan, Rebecca Schumejda, Scott Silsbe, Samuel Snoek-Brown, Ben Tanzer, Willy Vlautin, and one anonymous reader.

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THIRST Worldwide 2020 Audio from Hosho McCreesh on Vimeo.

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