The Pledge of a Grievance by S.A. Griffin

The Pledge of a Grievance

I pledge a grievance
to the flag
of the United States of Reality Show
and to the profit margin
for which it stands
on one knee
under siege
invisible and divided
with no civil liberty
or justice
we fall

S.A. Griffin. Photo by Mark Hanauer
S.A. Griffin / Photo by Mark Hanauer

S.A. Griffin. lives, loves and works in Los Angeles.

7 Replies to “The Pledge of a Grievance by S.A. Griffin”

  1. My comment had tons of typos. Second time around…

    Leave it to S.A. to get it just right! S.A., miss you, guy. Your words always sing the melody of your heart.

  2. Thanks Pris!! Hope that you’re doing okay down Florida way… love you and miss you as well. Give me regards to everyone in Facelandia!!! xxxooo

  3. Nice one!! Here’s my version that has been previously published in Madness Muse Magazine which, turns out, I could not find but it’s something along these line:

    “The Ledge of Defiance”

    I pledge suspicious to the fangs
    of the Un-tied States of Guised Terror
    and to the conformists, with which it blands,
    one notion, plundered, robbed,
    with hierarchy and mistrust for All.

  4. Thanks Heath, glad you dug the piece. And thanks for posting yours, enjoyed the read. Good deal!! Keep writing the good fight.

  5. S.A. nice to know you’re still giving us things we can depend on…
    like red wine… old times
    the repetition of a blue poetry line

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