tony moffeit | outlaw


you run across something that is on another level. something that seems to spring from a barren landscape. something that turns the world upside down. something that seems to be created out of the void. it’s the fire in the blood of the poet. it is total body in which the voice is searched out and found. a howl. a moan. a groan. a shout. a song. and even though the body may crumble it revives and is strong. from the voice. from the fire in the voice. from the fire in the song. and you find it is time to burn. it’s about an absolute obsession to reach a higher level of intensity in one’s art. at the same time there is an effortlessness, as if the artist were born for it, as if the artist were born to it. it is both obsessive passion and effortlessness. it’s about a newfound reality. it’s about reaching a new state of consciousness. it’s about being able to create a new energy.

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