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you will find what I call a lost? & found! category. Books which are no longer on the market and/or hard to find or Out of Print. Do ou have any to expose on Outlaw Poetry ? Use the contact form at the very end of this page please. – monsieur k.

Weapon of Choice
by Todd Moore

Drive – By Book # 2 / # 3 – March 23, 1995

Weapon of Choice is Drive-By Book # 2.
Robert W. Howington, 4405 Bellaire Drive South #220 Fort Worth, Texas 76109

It’s nine poems from Todd “Dillinger” Moore and a review by me of one of his recent chapbooks. A chapbook you motherfuckers should buy a.s.a.p. Todd he’s a retired English teacher who lives in the badlands of New Mexico in Albuquerque. He writes graphic and disturbing poetry about horrifying violence and base sex. A lot of people are offended by his words. But lots of pussies out there in the poetry community, both the academics and the Do-It-Yourselfers, have been complaining about contemporary poetry that mirrors our apocalyptic society. Fuck them. Those motherfuckers should listen to what Moore has to say about the subject:

“my gut reaction is this: most poetry magazine editors try to pretend we are not living thru one of the worst massacres of the 20th century. that’s why so much poetry gets passed off as safe & meditative & literary & scholarly. it’s like a waltz w/yr sister at the junior prom. while we all know these foxtrots around uzi ricochets ain’t the steps that arthur murry taught, it’s really a wardance around nuke heads, it’s a spazzed out tangle of legs in a drive-by,  it’s a adolf hitler on a pogo stick w/a schmeiser in one hand & his dick in the other, it’s the fbi writing love you notes to david koresh in kerosene & blood. & why shdn’t poetry in the 90s reflect the body count? when death knocks on yr bones, you know he’ll come in.”

Pulp Fiction
by Robert W. Howington

Drive – By Book # 2 / # 3 – March 23, 1995

Pulp Fiction is Drive-By Book # 3.
Robert W. Howington, 4405 Bellaire Drive South #220 Fort Worth, Texas 76109

Recently, a fellow writer said I should stop writing violent stories because, I assume, he figures violent stories aren’t literary enough for him and other stalwarts in the Do-It-Yourself underground and that I should join them in lifting up literature to its highest standard possible by writing more humane pieces. FUCK YOU AND FUCK THAT SHIT. I’m sure he was referring to my stuff in SPIKED SLURPEE. But I’m not gonna stop doing what I like to do to satisfy some pretentious bastard like him. I like writing violent stories. It’s fun. Since I can’t legally kill people in real life I can make believe kill them in my stories. It’s helps relieve my angst. And, let me tell you, that’s a very good thing.

as far as I know…OUT OF PRINT

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