mark weber | there's a drunk up ahead


i can see em coming

i try to hold off

i give all my money away

it’s 2 days up ahead

there’s days off from work

a perfect excuse

i get busy

i tell myself
not this time

not this time
too much work to do
to get drunk

get wasted
go on a quick & nasty
2 day binge

(found my beret in the bathtub
this morning
have no idea
how it got there)

it always seems to happen

sometimes i give up

sometimes, like now,
i fight it.

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  1. KLAUS,
    Where did you find this? it’s not bad, I certainly didn’t think
    I wrote it, but you seem to allude that I did? When?
    I certainly hope folks in that boat described therein
    find a way out. Paddle for shore like crazy? Scream
    for help.
    I did.
    It was 15 years ago today I wound up in the hospital very
    sick and stayed 9 days. I remember Todd & Barbara Moore
    brought me the book WHEN THE SACRED GIN MILL CLOSES.
    Chokes me up to remember that. The gin mill, did indeed, close.
    That’s a path for tougher souls than me.
    I’m not down for that, anymore.

    ——Mark the Speller

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