jared smith | looking into the machinery

Over the course of a long and notable career, Jared Smith has made his poetic sense surer and has developed his technique to the level of mastery. Looking Into The Machinery demonstrates how his poetic vision, always expansive, has been refined over the course of seven collections. With a vision comparable to Whitman and Jeffers, these poems display how Smith’s techniques reflect Pound, Eliot, and Neruda. Perhaps most startling is Smith’s ability to make such longer poems sing.

Jared Smith is Poet All-Reality, mountains, rivers, cities, history, his own personal life, nothing is left out of his work. It’s like reading travel bulletins, history, The Confessions of St. Augustine, you name it. And always with a sense of transience, things falling apart, down, being replaced by a Present Tense of reality that itself instantly begins to weather down into nothingness. No other poet on the scene today has such a vibrant, prophetic sense of magnificently capturing the overview of All-Time, All-Place and turning it into personal visions. –Hugh Fox, Defiance and Home of the Gods.— Hugh Fox

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