jay sosnicki | secrets


(For Patrick)

Today I saw you unfold
Like a butterfly
Like a flower
All the questions I have
Suddenly answered
In gestures
In your voice
In every limb
Making Q&A moot
Your beautiful red hair, soft
Like a child
Dimming the hard lines
In your face
That tell me you’ve lived hard
Drunk deeply from the cup
Tasted high-flying victory
And catastrophic failure
And I love you for it

How I long to share my secrets
With you
Somewhere far away from noise
And drama
And the madding crowd
Tell you my story
With my limbs
With my muscle
With my lips
I don’t care about your past
What you’ve done
Who you’ve done it to
How you may have fucked
Yourself and others over
To me, all there is
Is our private conversation

Can you feel me?
Do you like it when I lay full against
The warm, slim expanse of your back
My hands across your belly
My lips at the nape of your neck
Taking in your exquisite scent
Sharing secrets in
Our flesh
Our breath
Our lips
Words are not needed
Just a place
And some quiet
And my arms keeping you safe
And your head resting hard
Against my heart

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