jay sosnicki | overnite newsstand

OVERNITE NEWSSTAND He stands there at the newsstand Not really reading But lazily flipping through a free paper Hip cocked at the ready Silly looking cap pulled down Over one eye Shirtless beneath leather jacket A slim, pale shadow Trying Continue reading jay sosnicki | overnite newsstand

jay sosnicki | night terrors

NIGHT TERRORS Didn’t plague me until I was 40 And still looking for a place in the world Working jobs I hated To fund my smoldering little dreams Of rock stardom Stuck at the level of Middle-management stooge Not wanting Continue reading jay sosnicki | night terrors

jay sosnicki | put your back into it, whore

The Whore of Babylon | Painting by William Blake PUT YOUR BACK INTO IT, WHORE After all the years I’ve waited And all the hoops I’ve jumped through To get your attention After all the times I could have / Continue reading jay sosnicki | put your back into it, whore