alan catlin | gypsy garbage dumpers & back lot babies

Gypsy Garbage Dumpers

They come from way out
of town in specialty use
vehicles such as ambulances, mini-
school buses, panel trucks
from long defunct businesses-
converted to personal use,
family utilities, U-haul its,
stacked to the roof with years
of refuse accumulated in
sub-cellars, out-buildings such
as barns, stables, garages-all
these leftovers from neighborhood
yard sales, estate auctions,
Want Ad Digests, plus-turn of
the century before the last one-
clothes, jumbled unnatural
synthetics, rag rug reject fabrics,
stuff rescued from house fires
and put aside for occasions
such as this one-The Unloading-
onto sidewalks, snow banks,
driveways of the recently deceased,
junk packed into tightly secured
black plastic bags, defying city-
only clear plastic bags allowed-rules,
adding mildewed, sprung lock steamer
trunks, way off brand liquor boxes,
these hard at work urban mound
builders, constructing refuse sites
in the dark; hours later, a second
wave arrives-garbage pirates, dressed
in camouflage, faces grease painted
black, communicating by a strange
patios of Slavic slang and sign
languages for the deaf, they
methodically inspect the loot
by the light of the moon.

Back Lot Babies

In side street parking lot,
momma entertains her Johns,
specific acts only in space
challenged compact car;
cash and powder will buy
a full French kiss, lower body
rubs, oral action, satisfaction
guaranteed. Her babies are
in the back seat, sitters are
a premium for a working girl
with no extra funds for childcare
or food. Her six months old
and nursing girl, and three year old
boy with teddy clutched to his
chest he mostly sleeps in
seat and restraint, go wherever
she goes, homeless on wheels.
Sometimes, he wakes, asks
questions his momma hushes
away with the brush of her lips.
Sometimes, she needs it so bad,
her lines are cut on the baby’s chest.

from BIG HAMMER No. 14

Welcome to Big Hammer #14

for whom who keeps a record:

Don Catena covers, 43, 90 Angela Mark 1, 14, 16, 18 Michael Shores 2, 106 Richard Kostelanetz 3, 68 Lyn Lifshin 5, 42 David S. Pointer 6 Ingrid Swanberg 7 Peter Money 8, 11 Janice Blue 9-10 Ed Galing 11,78-79 Dave Roskos 12, 65, 114 Robert Head 13, 15, 17, 18 Jim Cohn 19 Kell Robertson 20, 21 Ann Menebroker 21, 105 Tom Kryss 22, 23 Russell Salamon 24 Kit Knight 25, 26 Arthur Winfield Knight 27 Alan Catlin 28 John Bennett 28-31 David Elsey 31 Ken Greenley 32, 62/63 B. Z. Niditch 33, 41 Steve Dalachinsky 34, 98 Dennis Saleh 35-38 AlexB. aka Panther Moon 39 Tom Page 39 Chris Ide 40 Anthony George 41, 42, 113 Lew Black 42 Ray Brown 44 – 46 K. S. Hardy 46 Beth Bonus 47, 48 Candy Kaucher 47, 83/84 Melissa Fadul 49/50 Jen Dunford 51 Terry L. Persun 52 Boni Joi 53/54 Joe Weil 55/56 Tom Pulhamus 57/58 CarlAlessi 59-61 BradKohler 63, 77 TomObrzut 64/65 Steve Ausherman 66 Kevin Sweeney 67 M. Kettner 68 Todd Moore 69-71 John Lunar Richey 72 Kelley K. Vance 73/74 Guy R. Beining 75/76 Marc Olmsted 77 A.D. Winans 79 Ben Smith 80 Charles Rammelkamp 81 Nathan Whiting 81 Patrick Fealey 82/83 Gene Bloom 85 – 89 Normal 89Abel Debritto 91-96 William Wantling 96 Mark Weber 97 George Held 99 Lorinc Szabo translated by George Held & Katherine Mayer 100 Janos Lackfi translated by Paul Sohar 101 Donald Lev 102 Jeffrey Cyphers Wright 103 Tony Gruenewald 104John Berbrich 105 Justin Rogers 107-110 Lamont B. Steptoe 111/112

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