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She never called herself a pack rat. 1 She would sit in her closet surrounded by clothes and boxes and sing into the hanging shirts, pants, and dresses. 2 This way her neighbors couldn’t hear. She kept smashing her head into the hangers. 3 She was sure that the lack of awe was mutual. In this environment she didn’t have to view the infected sky. 4 On Tuesday’s at ten in the morning the cleaning ladies would knock loudly on her next door neighbor’s door. 5 On those mornings she would vocalize extra long and loud hoping the sky would stay azure and the wind would keep the clouds moving. She would concentrate on her nail beds 6 and dream of a long palm. She didn’t think of pom. 7 This seemed to work for a while until she got jacked up on ice coffee and gave out a false energy charge. 8

  • 1 Her desk was full of objects: carved bamboo paper clips, an air-dried McDonald’s cheeseburger and one French fry, black and white photos of stuffed animal snakes, gum made to look like bacon, a Moa postcard from New Zealand, a plastic doll leg from Belize, some cork fossils, and a homemade snow globe filled with three spray-painted silver cicada skins.
  • 2 Air pollution was the outward sign of an inward pollution.
  • 3 Caused by closet weather.
  • 4 She believed whenever her depression hit it was caused by looking at the clouds and sky directly above her apartment building, in which lived a collection of stunt doubles and voice-over artists. When yellow clouds formed, she believed, they were aided by the occupants collective loathsome dry runs.
  • 5 When her neighbor ended up miserly at week’s end she had nothing to play with, sort through or hide underneath.
  • 6 Her nails had vertical ridges which meant she was a warrior, and by visualizing her nail beds as a smooth lake she felt she could turn her worries to glass and break them with her sword.
  • 7 Porn was said to insight flash floods, sandstorms, and hail or what is known as “pathetic fallacy” the projection of human feeling or volition onto nature.
  • 8 Caffeinated adults and children contribute to false weather fronts. Newscasters predict alerts that they complain are inconvenient (like subway flooding) and authorities claim to have the situation under control and then nothing comes of it.

from BIG HAMMER No. 14

Welcome to Big Hammer #14

for whom who keeps a record:

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