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Gentrified Minds

Speak in Gentrified Times
Of Gentrified Ways
In Gentrified Days
With tongues that they stole
From mouths that they sold
In order to live “that way”.

That way is the day
That you knew you would pay
For the sins of a hustler
Who gave me de-cay.
My gait ain’t my own,
Or my shoes that roam
Barely’s the air that I suck
And the sounds that I groan —

We are
Gentrified Minds.

I have no culture
Only a vulture
That breeds on my dying days…

Dennis Leroy Kangalee

my solo play, Gentrified Minds, premiered April 22nd at the Manhattan Movement & Arts Center, as part of the Downtown Urban Theater Festival. A monologue with poetry & prose expressing the horror of gentrification, displacement, and corporate takeover. Directed by Nina Fleck. Music by The Children of Warhol. Future performances & information can be accessed at We will be featured on WBAI 99.5 (NY Pacifica Radio) this Friday April 29, 7PM to discuss gentrification, our play, and how artists and people of color are having to adapt to the mass suburbanization of New York City. (internet streaming:

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